5 Myths About Drinking Water Busted!

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Drinking water is considered to be one of the healthiest habits and as recommended by several experts, we try and drink as much water as possible. However, even after having learnt so much about this healthy habits, there still remains a few things which we are unaware of.

Here are a few myths about drinking water that you must know about:

MYTH 1: You Must Drink 7-8 Glasses Of Water Everyday.

We all try and practice the habit of drinking close to 8-9 glasses of water everyday. However, there seems no scientific rationale for the same. The amount of water expected to be consumed by an individual is expected to vary on the basis of parameters such as age group, weight, activity, alcohol intake and other conditions such as pregnancy. Needless to state, drinking a good quantity of water through out the day helps to keep one hydrated.

MYTH 2: You Should Drink Water To Keep Your Skin Moist

Drinking fluids at regular intervals during the day keeps you hydrated, but if we say that drinking water would make the skin moist or dewier, that’s not true. Instead eating fruits, nuts and vegetables, rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids, have been found to promote healthy skin. A study suggested that drinking as good as 500 ml of water was found to increase the capillary blood flow in the skin. However the same has not been proved clinically.

MYTH 3: You Don’t Need As Much Water During Winter

If you think that your body does not lose water during winter then that is not true. Also, it is false to assume that the body does not require as much water compared to the summers. Though, we may not sweat as badly as we do in summers, but the body still loses fluids in winters as well. The fact is that due to the dryness in the air, you may happen to lose more moisture during the winters. So, make sure you drink enough water during winters too.

MYTH 4: Drinking Water Flushes Out Toxins

-When one drinks an adequate amount of water, the kidneys do use the water to get rid of the waste products. However, it is wrong to say that it helps to clear off toxins. In the absence of adequate water, the kidneys are rendered helpless to perform their function effectively. The body then tends to hold the toxins instead of getting rid of them therefore affecting the overall health.

MYTH 5: You Need Energy Drinks Instead Of Water To Function Effectively

Energy drinks are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients and come with added sugars as well. If you were to compare an energy drink and water, ofcourse the former would taste much better however does not come with added benefits. To meet the required water levels in the body during your workout, you can also opt to drink water rather than only opting for energy drinks.

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