5 Effective Tips For Healthier Joints This Winter Season

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Joints and bones are critically important to our mobility and overall well-being. However, our over stressed lifestyles, busy routine, sedentary lifestyle act as triggers for early joint pains and injuries. However, here are simple and easy ways to maintain healthy bones and joints.


Here are simple tips for healthy joints:

1 . Maintain The Right Posture 

Keep your shoulders back and relaxed, pull in your abdomen, keep your feet about hip distance apart and balance your weight evenly on both feet

2 . Do not Slouch

Do not slouch when watching TV or using a laptop. It can worsen back pain. Keep your spine erect and sit with both your feet planted firmly on the floor.

3 . Bend With Caution

When picking things up, do not bend from the waist, this puts a lot of  strain on the back. Instead bend with the knees and hips when lifting things off the floor.

4 . Avoid Sky High Heels

-As much as fashion pushes high heels, in the long run high heels are bad for you.They cause a lot of health problems like spider veins around the ankles, wear and tear of knees & a sore lower back. Save the heels for special occasions and never wear them for more than a few hours at a time.

5 . Exercise Regularly

Stay active throughout the day, go for daily walks, do stretching exercises or take up a fitness program.

So, go ahead and include these simple ways to maintain healthy and stronger joints for a longer and healthier life ahead. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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