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Composition for IPRAVENT

Ipratropium(250 mcg)

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Ipravent 250 mcg solution is probably safe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown low or no adverse effect on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. Please consult your doctor.
Ipravent 250 mcg solution is probably safe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor.


Ipratropium(250 mcg)


Ipravent 250 mcg solution is used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

How it works

Ipravent 250 mcg solution belongs to a class of drugs called anticholinergics or parasympatholytic agents. Ipravent 250 mcg solution helps in opening  the air passages to the lungs and making  breathing easier and providing  relief from asthma and associated conditions.

Common side effects

Nausea, Palpitations, Rash, Angioedema (swelling of deeper layers of skin) of tongue, Blurred vision, Bronchoconstriction (constriction of air passages), Cough, Diarrhoea, Dilation of the pupil of the eye, Dizziness, Dry mouth, Eye pain, Eye swelling, Gastrointestinal motility disorder, Halo vision, Headache, Hypersensitivity reaction, Inability to empty the urinary bladder, Increased intraocular pressure, Itching, Skin redness, Stomach inflammation, Tachycardia, Throat irritation, Throat swelling, Vomiting


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Expert advice for IPRAVENT

  • Appropriate administration of ipratropium with the inhaler is essential for a successful therapy.
  • Doctor’s advice should be considered in case of patients with following history of disease conditions: cystic fibrosis (an inherited disease in which thick, sticky mucus builds up and that can damage many of the organs in the body) may be prone to gastrointestinal motility disturbances; glaucoma (increased pressure inside the eyes that causes visual problems), urinary problems or a prostate (a male reproductive organ) condition.
  • Consult your doctor if you suffer from allergic (hypersensitivity) reactions such as urticaria, angioedema (swelling of lips and eyes), rash, bronchospasms (constriction of the air passages), oropharyngeal swelling and severe allergy (anaphylaxis).
  • Consult your doctor if you suffer from irregular heartbeats after ipratropium nasal spray.
  • Ipratropium inhalation sometimes causes wheezing and difficulty breathing immediately after it is inhaled. Consult your doctor immediately.
  • Consult your doctor immediately, if you experience pain in the eye or discomfort, blurred vision, visual halos or colored images in association with red eyes due to conjunctival congestion and cornea swelling may be signs of acute narrow-angle glaucoma.
  • Do not use your ipratropium inhalers when you are near a flame or source of heat. The inhaler may explode, if it is exposed to very high temperatures.
  • Dizziness and blurred vision have been reported. If affected, the patient should be warned not to drive or operate machinery.

Frequently asked questions for IPRAVENT


Q.Is ipratropium a steroid?
No, ipratropium is not a steroid

Q.Is ipratropium a narcotic?
No, ipratropium is not a narcotic

Q.Does it contain opium?
It does not contain opium or its derivative

Q.Does ipratropium cause weight gain?
Ipratropium has no known effects on weight gain

Q.Does ipratropium cause constipation?
Yes, constipation is a known side effect of ipratropium

Q.Does ipratropium cause tachycardia (increased heart rate)?
Ipratropium may sometimes cause tachycardia (increased heart rate) in some patients. It is not a common side effect of ipratropium

Q.Does ipratropium cause an increase in blood pressure?
Ipratropium has no known effects on blood pressure

Q.Is ipratropium bromide the same as albuterol?
Ipratropium bromide and albuterol are 2 different medicines. They have the same action. They relax the air passages and make breathing easier (bronchodilators)

Q.Does ipratropium/ ipratropium bromide contain albuterol?
Combination medicines containing both ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulphate are available to treat asthma and associated conditions

Q.Is ipratropium bromide the same as budesonide?
Ipratropium/ipratropium bromide and budesonide belong to different class of medicines but both are used either alone or in combination to treat bronchitis, asthma and associated conditions

Q.Is ipratropium bromide a bronchodilator?
Yes, ipratropium/ ipratropium bromide is a bronchodilator used to treat bronchitis, asthma and associated conditions

Q.Is ipratropium bromide a long acting bronchodilator?
No, ipratropium/ ipratropium bromide is a short-acting bronchodilator

Q.Is ipratropium bromide an antihistaminic/antibiotic or is it an anticholinergic?
Ipratropium is neither antihistamine nor an antibiotic. It belongs to a class of anticholinergic bronchodilators

Q.Is ipratropium bromide a short-acting anticholinergic?
Yes, ipratropium/ ipratropium bromide is a short-acting anticholinergic bronchodilator

Q.Is ipratropium safe for infants?
Yes, ipratropium is safely used in infants. . Patients should follow advice of the doctor regarding its use

Q.Is ipratropium bromide a rescue inhaler?
No, ipratropium is a bronchodilator for the maintenance treatment of bronchospasm. It is not indicated for the initial treatment of acute episodes of bronchospasm where rescue therapy is required

Q.Can ipratropium bromide used alone?
Yes, ipratropium bromide can be used alone as a maintenance therapy in the treatment of bronchospasm, asthma and other associated conditions

Q.Does ipratropium bromide expire?
Yes, ipratropium bromide formulations have an expiry date. Please Read the details on the package for the correct expiry date.


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