Dr. Sakshi Sharma

1mg | Medical Editor
5 Years Experience
Dr. Sakshi Sharma is a Medical Editor with 1mg’s medical affairs team. She completed her BDS from Krishna Dental College, Ghaziabad. Dr. Sakshi, who is a part of the Dental Council of India, specializes in medical writing and has 4 years’ experience of working as a medical editor and write

Qualifications and Experience


BDS | Krishna Dental College, Ghaziabad | 2008 - 2014External Link


Passi HealthCom Pvt Ltd | Junior Assistant Medical Editor | 2014 - 2014External Link
Passi HealthCom Pvt Ltd | Assistant Medical Editor | 2014 - 2015External Link
Passi HealthCom Pvt Ltd | Deputy Medical Editor | 2015 - 2016External Link
Excel Life Sciences Pvt Ltd | Medical Writer | 2016 - 2017External Link
1mg | Medical Editor  External Link


Associate Membership

Dental Council of IndiaExternal Link
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