Winter Wellness In Every Sip: 5 Benefits Of Nutritional Drinks


Winter is coming, and while winter and warm drinks go hand in hand, the role of nutrition might get neglected. Nutritional drinks are a comprehensive source of essential nutrition featuring a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for overall well-being.

While homemade hot cinnamon lattes are always comforting, drinks like protein shakes and electrolyte mixes are rich in nutritional value, providing convenient on-the-go beverages for winter. These nutritional drinks largely fall into 2 categories: shakes and formulas. The nutrient drink, a blend of functional and healthy ingredients in various flavors, caters to functional and taste preferences, making it a flavored choice globally.

Let’s check these 5 benefits of warm, nutritional winter drinks to allow you to provide comfort without interfering with your health goals.

1. Provides Immune Support: The dry and windy cold conditions necessitate keeping up with immunity with the heightened infection rates in the winter season. Nutritional drinks emerge as a beneficial solution to prepare the body against these seasonal challenges. Certain drinks like Protinex Powder Vanilla Delight, a ready-to-serve nutritional beverage mix of essential vitamins and minerals, promote immunity, potentially helping the body defend against seasonal infections.

2. Enhances Nutritional Intake: Upon evaluating micronutrient intake solely from diet, it becomes evident that mean levels of calcium (among women), potassium, and vitamins A, C, and D fall below recommended guidelines. Making thoughtful choices in beverages and considering substitutions presents a potential solution to bridge these nutritional gaps[1]. Although nothing can beat a well-balanced meal, supplemental nutritional drinks like Ensure Powder Health Drink can elevate your everyday nutrition, ensuring a well-rounded intake of essential nutrients.

3. Improves Skin Health: Staying well-hydrated with warm nutritional drinks can be beneficial for maintaining skin health during the dry winter months. Hydration, along with nutrition, supports skin moisture and elasticity. Horlicks Protein Plus is a health supplement with rich protein content complemented by essential micronutrients. Protein is vital for skin repair [2] and the optimal functioning of various body tissues, including bones, muscles, and hair.

4. Aids in Weight Management: Eighty percent of Americans incorporate dietary supplements into their healthy lifestyles, which may include products for weight management [3]. Nutritional supplements are available both for weight gain as well as weight loss. Ensure Protein Drinks are rich in protein, promoting prolonged satiety and supplying your body with ample energy for sustained daily activity. As these are generally low in calories, they make an ideal option for individuals aiming to reduce their calorie consumption. PentaSure 2.0 Vanilla High Protein Powder is a clinically formulated solution for weight gain, providing a high-protein and high-calorie formula.

5. Added Cognitive Benefits: Nutritional drinks have the potential to enhance various aspects of cognitive performance[4]. Vitamins and minerals contribute not only to physical growth but also enhance cognitive development. Horlicks Powder Lite is a nutritional beverage designed for active adults, enriched with nutrients. Packed with essential elements such as high-quality protein and antioxidants, it provides comprehensive nutritional support.

When selecting your go-to winter drink, take a close look at the ingredients. Strive for a balance that not only offers warmth but also ensures you’re getting the nutritional boost needed for the season. Make a mindful beverage choice to enhance winter wellness along with bridging nutritional gaps.

(The article is written by Dr.Subita Alagh, Senior Executive, and reviewed by Monalisa Deka, Senior Health Content Editor)

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