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What Does Your Urine Colour Tell You About Your Health?

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Urine colour is an important indicator of your overall health, body functions and especially that of the kidneys. Kidneys play a critical role in filtering out the wastes, toxins and excess water from the blood. Any change in the urine colour is often amongst the few initial signs that the body shows in case of an internal disorder.

Ideally, the urine colour of a healthy individual is clear, light yellow and transparent. However, several reasons could be responsible for altering the urine colour. Here is what your urine colour tells about your health:

Is Your Urine Dark Yellow In Colour? 

-It is one of the most commonly observed colour change and is considered as a sign of dehydration or decreased water intakeWhen you are not drinking enough water, the urine concentration increases and gives it a dark colour. 

Medical conditions such as jaundice is another common cause of dark yellow urine. Intake of vitamin B complex supplements can also give dark yellow colour to urine.

Is Your Urine Red In Colour?

Passing red coloured urine can cause a lot of anxiety. The colour, in most common cases, is due to the presence of blood in the urine which could be due to; kidney stones, urinary tract infection, cancer of bladder or kidney, enlarged prostate, menstrual blood or disorders related to blood (such as sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia)

-Intake of certain painkillers such as ibuprofen and rifampin also give rise to red urine. Also, commonly used drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, isoniazid, also at times results in orange coloured urine.

-More so, at times even food items such as beetroot, carrot, blackberries are known to give a red colour to the urine.

Is Your Urine Purple In Colour?

-Though very rare in nature, but the colour of urine may turn purple due to an unusual phenomenon, known as the Purple Urine Bag Syndrome. It arises as a result of urinary tract infection due to a bacterial reaction with synthetic material of the catheter or a urine collection bag.

Is Your Urine White In Colour?

-The presence of an excess of calcium, phosphates and other mineral deposits in the urine is the common cause for white coloured urine. In other cases, severe urinary tract infection may also cause pus formation and result in white urine.

-Also, in cases of a parasite infection such as filariasis, urine becomes thick white which is known as chyluria.

Is Your Urine Green In Colour?

-Common reasons for the colour change could be urinary tract infection by pseudomonas bacteria, drug poisoning due to ingestion of pesticides and presence of bile pigments in urine due to liver disorders. 

-Another common reason could be the use of medicines that contain chemical phenol for example promethazine (anti-allergic), profol (used for anaesthesia), thymol (pharmaceutical stabiliser), metoclopramide (used for nausea and vomiting), amitriptyline (antidepressant) and indomethacin (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

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