Use Painkillers With Caution In Chikungunya


If you have been diagnosed with chikungunya or if you have an undiagnosed high grade fever with body aches do not take aspirin, Ibuprofen or any other painkiller without your doctor’s approval.

– Even if your dengue test is negative, you should refrain from using painkillers as your fever could be due to chikungunya.

– Taking these medicines may cause kidney or liver problems  in elderly and in people with pre-existing kidney problems.

-Symptoms of chikungunya include Sudden high-grade fever (104°F), severe joint pains and rash, headache and excessive weakness.

-Recent outbreaks have reported kidney malfunction and liver problems in elderly patients and in people with pre-existing kidney problems.


– Rest as much as possible.

-Most people recover within a week or so.

Keep the body temperature below 102°F.

Take paracetamol for fever as advised by the doctor

Do not take painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen as they could cause or worsen kidney and liver problems.

Take large amounts of fluids (3-4 liters/day) in the form of water, soup, milk, juice.

Keep a close watch on urine output. Low urine output could an indicator of kidney problems.

If you have severe loss of appetite or yellowish discoloration of eyes, it could indicate liver damage. Immediately consult your doctor for further evaluation.

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