Hate Taking Stairs? Here Is Why You Should Give Them A Try!

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Climbing up the stairs is a unique form of an exercise that has a positive impact on the overall health of an individual. Aware of the several benefits climbing offers us, we still happen to chose escalators to stairs just to cut down on the extra time or effort that is to be spent. Surprisingly, it has been found that climbing about eight flights of stairs a day helps to decrease the average mortality risk by 33%.

Here are a few reasons for you to choose stairs over escalators the next time you are given a choice between the two:

1 . Increases Aerobic Activity

Walking up and down the stairs serve as an aerobic activity for the human body. Every step that you take while climbing the stairs the muscles of your legs use up the energy. Here is when the body uses the available macronutrients and stored fats. This process also requires a good amount of oxygen and thereby increases the heart and breathing rate.

2 . Burns Fats

In an ideal condition, when one burns more calories than what he consumes, a calorie deficit occurs. While climbing the stairs, the body needs an access to the fat calorie stored in the adipose tissues for derive the process. Here is when the body produces hormones that activate lipolysis (a process that breaks the fat into glycerol and fatty acids) and therefore produces energy.

3 . Strengthens The Muscles

Stair climbing has been found to improve the strength of the muscles and also improves the bone density. As stair climbing is weight bearing in nature, it helps to build the muscle strength. Some studies suggest that climbing stairs offers more benefits than does brisk running or jogging.

4 . Improves Heart Strength

-Climbing the stairs for seven minutes has been found to twice reduce the risk of heart attack in the coming ten years. Stair climbing has been found to increase heart rate and therefore improves the cardiovascular system. Together the habit of climbing stairs helps to keep off the extra kilos, averting the events of increased blood pressure and therefore improving heart strength.

5 . Sculpts Your Body

Stair climbing has been found to involve the key muscles of the legs such as the calves, glutes, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. Low impact exercise by nature, climbing has been found to be a healthy exercise for the knees and legs.

So, hereafter if you are given a choice, encourage yourself to opt for stairs than the escalator as stair climbing shall give you a healthier life than the escalator. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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