Sleep Deprivation Found To Be Linked With Liver Cancer!

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Persistent sleep deprivation could cause liver cancer in the animal model , study suggests

-In a recent research, conducted by Baylor College of Medicine (Texas), experts studied the effect of sleep deprivation on the risk of developing liver cancer.

-In the study, the mice were exposed to disrupted light and dark cycles (for about 2 years) resulting in prolonged disruption to their normal sleep cycles.

-As a result, during the initial few days, the mice developed a range of conditions such as skin problems, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Post a span of 78 weeks, all the mice developed liver cancer.

-Research also suggested that the gene expression in the mice was found to be similar in the humans with liver cancer as well. Further studies are needed to validate the same in humans though.

-Findings were published in Journal Cancer Cell

Source: Cancer Cell 

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