Rope Skipping: 6 Reasons For You To Skip More Often!

Rope Skipping: 6 Reasons For You To Skip More Often!

Skipping or rope jumping is a very popular hobby in the Indian sub-continent. It almost qualifies as a sport for the urban population who have not enjoyed the luxury of open playgrounds during the childhood years. But ever wondered, how healthy it is to skip daily?

Here are six healthy reasons why you should skip more often.

1 . Helps You Lose Weight

The most obvious health-benefit of skipping is that it helps you lose weight, a lot of it. While high speed sessions can enable you to lose as much as 1200-1300 calories per hour, you can expect to easily shed more than 300 calories with a brisk half-hour of effort.

2 . Improves Heart Health

Skipping does increase the rate of metabolism by being one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. A higher rate of metabolism burns the plaque that gets stored in the arteries, thereby reducing the chances of strokes.

3 . Prevents Osteoporosis

A recent study has shown that women in their mid-thirties cut down the rate of bone erosion by almost 50% with a daily skipping session lasting 30 minutes. A retention of bone density helps prevent osteoporosis in both the sexes.

4 . Increases Agility

Skipping can render you faster on your feet, literally. The simultaneous swing and jump motion improves your coordination and stability. Also, the range of motion forces your mind to concentrate thereby empowering the mind as well.

5 . Tones and Strengthens Muscles

Though it may not look like a full body workout, skipping actually engages one’s legs, buttocks, abs, shoulders, arms and wrists. Besides being very beneficial for strengthening of the calves and hamstring, skipping tones the entire body.

6 . Promotes Healthy Skin

A session of intense skipping will make you sweat a lot and as we know sweating flushes out harmful toxins. The blood circulation also increases quite a bit through this exercise which helps our skin in maintaining a radiant glow.


1 . Rope To Buy

-If you are just starting off, it is okay to buy an ordinary beaded rope whereas, advanced players can look at high speed ropes. It is best to avoid the cheap plastic ones due to their poor dynamics.

2 . Getting Started

-Find a surface that supports you but preferably not as hard as concrete. Experts say that grass, a wooden surface or an exercise mat are best as these help you bounce back.

3 . To Start With, Keep It Slow

-Keep it slow and steady. Remember, rhythm is the key


-Skipping should be avoided by people suffering from acute bone, heart and breathing related ailments.

-Pregnant and menstruating women should also avoid it.

-Whether to skip bare-foot or wear shoes is completely up to one’s comfort levels, but make sure you donot hurt yourself.

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