Stained Teeth? Try These Natural Ways To Remove Tooth Stains

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The brown stains seen between the teeth on gums are external stains that are due to substances deposited on the outer surface of teeth, behind the teeth, on the chewing surface and along the gumline.

What Causes Tooth Staining?

The external stains are most commonly caused due to the following reasons:

1 . Excessive Intake Of Beverages: If you are amongst those who would consume more than 2-3 cups of tea and coffee, you are an increased risk of staining your teeth.

2 . Improper Brushing: Due to improper and irregular brushing, the surface of teeth do not get cleaned properly. This leads to growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, and a biofilm (mass of bacteria) tends to stick to the tooth surface. As this film hardens it forms tarter which is often brown or light yellow in color.

3 . Smoking and Tobacco Chewing: Tobacco contains nicotine, which itself is colorless but when combined with oxygen becomes yellow. Therefore, people who smoke and chew tobacco, often are spotted by stained teeth and gums.

4 . Primary Caries: At times, brown stains may indicate that the teeth is carious and is prone to decay more.

How Can You Get Rid Of These Stains Naturally?

Clinically, any kind of stain can be removed by scaling (cleaning of teeth) that is performed by a dentist. However, to remove these stains, you can practice the following tips at home to get cleaner teeth:

1 . Practice A Healthy Dental Routine

Make it a point to brush your teeth twice a day. To achieve better results, use correct brushing techniques and proper brushing tools. Use interdental aids such as interdental brushes and floss to clean the surfaces between the teeth.

2 . Try Baking Soda

Mix a pinch of baking soda with few drops of lemon juice or water. Apply this mixture on the toothbrush and brush your teeth for a minute and rinse thereafter.

3 . Use Sea Salts To Brush

Sea Salts such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus and other trace elements have been found to strengthen the gums, safeguard against tarter and also whiten the teeth. It acts as an absorbent and therefore helps to remove traces of gutka stains.

4 . Apply Orange Peel

Rub your teeth with orange peel. It contains a natural solvent – d-limonene that dissolves the tobacco deposited on the tooth, therefore will be helpful in removing stains.

5 . Seek Help

For healthier teeth, make sure you visit the dentist once every six months to keep a track of dental health and any other dental issues.

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