How Does Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Help In Weight Loss?

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Bottle Gourd (Lauki) is an amazing vegetable with more wonders than we ever know. Mostly found in tropical countries. It contains more than 95% water and is a rich source of potassium and fiber. It is alkaline in nature. It is also known for its healing effects during convalescence and is a favorite diet of the health-conscious individuals. The B vitamins in bottle gourd also increase the body’s metabolic rate to better digest fats, proteins, sugar and carbohydrates. It is recommended to have bottle gourd daily in your regular diet for effective weight loss and an overall healthy body.

Here is how bottle gourd can help you lose weight:

1 . Perfect Breakfast Option

-Bottle gourd is rich in fiber and hence a glass of juice will keep you from hunger pangs for a long time to go. As it contains plenty of water, it is convenient to extract a lot of juice from it.

-The juice should be extracted without straining else most of the fiber will be removed. It is a recommended breakfast partner for those who want to start with a healthy morning diet.

2 . Snack Time Partner

-You can also prepare a soup with bottle gourd whenever you feel like having a small snack break. You can use carrots and beans for the added nutrient advantage.

-This way you can also resist the temptation to fill yourself with unhealthy snacks that load you with unwanted calories.

3 . Keeps You Hydrated 

-More than 50% of bottle gourd is just water. The vegetable not only supplies you with health vitamins, it also fills you with water and is a good choice for keeping you hydrated all throughout the day.

-During hot summer days, lauki juice helps to replace the lost water content. It also controls extreme thirst which is common among people who suffer from diabetes.

4 . Curbs Your Appetite

-Studies suggest that having the juice of bottle gourd first thing in the morning fills you with all the healthy minerals.

-Rich in fiber and water, it helps you to feel full for longer hours and keeps you away from overeating and unhealthy snacks.

5 . Helps In Detoxification

-Bottle gourd is known to be extremely useful for detoxifying the human body. You can have the juice of bottle gourd mixed with mint leaves and coriander.

-Regular intake of bottle gourd helps the body get rid of harmful toxins naturally.

6 . Post Workout Diet

-If you are gym freak, lauki juice is your best choice for a healthy alternative to any synthetic drinks that you can think of post workout.

-What you drink after you sweat can have major implications on muscle building and fat loss. Bottle gourd helps to restore the electrolytes lost during workout.

7.  Stomach friendly

-The juice of bottle gourd acts as an excellent natural remedy if you have common stomach ailments like indigestion and acidity.

-Weight loss programs are usually very demanding and keeping your body fit during such a program is also very important.


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