Do You Get Acne Too Often? 5 Tips For You To Try This Summer Season!

Do You Get Acne Too Often? 5 Tips For You To Try This Summer Season!

Oily skin is a blessing and a curse in many ways. While it promises wrinkle-free skin, but brings with it a host of other side effects. Acne is a usual but painful side effect of the oily skin. Summer brings acne along with it and we are left helpless with it.

Here are a few things you could do, that could help with your skin care, especially if you have an acne prone skin:

1 . Get a good sunscreen

A good sunscreen with SPF above 30 is an essentiality these days. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun and ensure that you are fully covered. While a lot of people think it is okay to do without it, the real benefits of using sunscreen are evident only after its regular application. It will protect and keep your skin nourished.

2 . Look for Salicylic acid and Triclosan

These two ingredients in your skin care products is a great way to fight oily skin. These two chemical compounds work as a great active to exfoliate skin and keep it from becoming too oily, while also retaining the skin’s original oil content. If you can find products that include these two compounds, in your face wash or cleanser, it can prevent heavy acne breakouts and keep your skin clear.

3 . Washing Vs not washing

Summer is especially the time when we want to keep washing our faces and body. However, when you wash your face every time, your body works to replace the moisture you have lost by producing more oil. This causes more acne. If you feel the need to wash, then try to use cold water only and avoid using any kind of facewash. Plain cold water for 5 minutes should be enough to keep you skin clean and non-sticky.

4 . Avoid use of too many facial products

The more products you use to keep your skin healthy, like moisturizer and heavy face creams, the worse it gets. They only clog the pores and keep the oil in your skin locked and therefore may even increase your acne. If required, use lighter creams and gels. Aloe Vera is a great product for summer. Not only is it cooling, it is light, gel like and pure Aloe Vera gel is good enough to keep your skin nourished without increasing the oil content in it.

5 . Try and avoid makeup

If you are used to make-up, summer might be a good time to start saving on your make-up costs by reducing makeup. A light cream or gel to keep your skin nourished and maybe light makeup is good for summer. Heavy makeup will do the same thing that heavy creams and moisturizers do to your skin.

Remember, you need to eat healthy to look good. Eat more seasonal fruits and drinks lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and get your skin glowing naturally. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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