Feminine Hygiene: How To Prevent Vulvar Irritation?

Feminine Hygiene: How To Prevent Vulvar Irritation?

Itching or irritation in your private parts? It could be Vulvar Irritation. Vulva is the term given to female’s external genital organ. All females have vaginal discharge or secretions which help to keep the vulva and vagina moist and remove bacteria and dead cells. Well, there are many factors which may lead to dryness or irritation of vulva causing further infections.

Identify the problem:

If you are facing vulvar exasperation (irritation), then go back to basics and stop using the products that you use every day. Try to identify the problem causing products and stop using them. If the problem persists then without any further delay, you should consult your Gynaecologist for the specific issue and relative treatment.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

While bathing:

1.Washing is necessary but over washing is not recommended, preferably try to use hands rather than using an external source like clothes, wipes, loofahs etc.

2.Choose to take Shower over bubble bath because bubble bath might decolonise the helpful microflora in the vagina which is a gateway for the harmful bacteria to colonise and cause infections.

While Taking Medicine:

1. Don’t opt for the home remedies, which may exacerbate the situation.

2. Try to avoid sanitary pads, gels, sprays, deodorants etc.

3. Administering OTC medication for yeast infections may also cause the pain or itching. So, staying away from unnecessary medication will be a preventive step.

4.We must also take into consideration on choosing the appropriate antibiotics. Consult your healthcare provider for suitable antibiotics.

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During Intercourse:

1. OTC Contraceptive pills will have definite pain or itching during and after the intercourse. So, contact Physician for suitable contraceptive measures.

2. Avoid using lubricants with benzocaine as the key active ingredient which will exacerbate the situation. So, read the prescription carefully before purchasing.

Tips To Maintain A  Healthy Vulva:

1. Always wash new undergarments before using them.

2. Avoid wearing nylon, acetate and other industrially made fibres undergarments. Use cotton undergarments instead.

3. Do not use baby wipes, douches, perfumes, sprays or other feminine products in your vaginal area.

4. Some studies partially explain that vulvar infections are stress induced. So, keep your stress at bay and maintain a good personal hygiene.

5. Avoid scratching when you feel like itching.

Vaginal infections not only make you ill but also keeps you a step away from your success. So, just keep your head down and follow few preventive steps, and few regular check-ups will help you to be in the race.

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