8 Ways To Prevent Weight Gain On A Holiday

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Holidays are the perfect time for us to relax, spend time with family and enjoy special flavors of the place we visit. However hard we may try, it seems difficult to resist the temptation around us and before we know, we fall prey to some holiday weight gain.

Here are some effective ways to avoid gaining the extra pounds during your next holiday:

1 . Start Each Day Strong

A healthy day starts with a healthy decision. Though easier said than done, if you resolve to avoid binge eating throughout the day, chances are that you will remember the resolution and take in less calories than you would have without the resolution. Researchers are of the opinion that if you sit comfortably during a meal, take smaller bites each time and chew thoroughly are less likely to consume unwanted extra calories.

2 . Practice Chewing Than Swallowing

When you are on a vacation, most importantly remember one thing that, the lesser you chew the more your waist is prone to expanding. Make sure you do not gulp down food instead chew it slowly and enjoy. For you will have varied eating options, and to make the most of it, try to chew food slowly and enjoy.

3 . Choose To Move Around

You always may not choose to go on an excursion trip always, so make sure across the day you engage your self in activities that can keep you moving. Plan of how you can relax and rejuvenate yourself effectively during the vacation and not just only add calories and kilos to your body.

4 . Be Picky With Your Meals 

Choose your food wisely. The destination will offer you diverse options and you will be prone to fall for the trick. But a wise take would be to include those dishes that are new to you and also that may have the optimum amount of fiber. Foods low on calories and high on fiber will help you stay satiated for long and keep you away from unhealthy snacking.

5 . Choose Your Beverage Wisely

Holiday evenings are a time to spend quality family time and enjoy your favorite beverage. Watch out before drinking that glass of chocolate flavored coffee or cashew topped lassi. Treat your self with alcoholic drinks in moderation. Make sure you do not overdo it.

6 . Stay Hydrated

The habit of drinking more water during the holiday season can keep you from gaining weight. Drinking water 45 mins before food will help you cut down on gulping extra calories. Keep adequate water supply with you when on day trips during holidays. Water can also help to deal with your sudden food cravings, increase metabolism and suppress your appetite.

7 . Choose To Walk

How so ever tiring the trips may be, try to walk most of the time without availing transport. Of course, the decision would depend on the members in the group as elderly and kids cannot do much walking. But small everyday walking trips are sure to keep you healthy throughout the vacation.

8 . Maintain A Sleep Schedule

The best way to be able to deal with your inner food cravings is to keep your mind fit and refreshed with proper rest and sleep. Stay up late for that long planned get-together or a night outing but maintain your own sleep schedule for the rest of the days.

Holiday weight gain is real, however with proper control of the type or quantity of food you eat and regular physical activity, you can considerably resist this increase. So, now you can enjoy your holiday without packing on pounds by trying these amazing tips. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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