6 Reasons to Include Flaxseeds (Alasi) in Your Diet

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By Dr Khoobsurat Najma

Traditionally, Flaxseeds (Alasi) have been used in Austrian medicine for treatment of infections, cold, flu, fever, gout and rheumatism. These tiny brown seeds are a rich source of Omega 3, Fiber, Vitamins B and C, Magnesium, Iron; offering many Health Benefits including,

1 . Flaxseeds are packed with fiber. Regular use helps facilitate bowel movement and cleanse the body of all undigested toxins

2 . Flaxseed also provides the body with Omega 3 essential Fatty Acids which reduce the bad fat in the bloodstream and prevent clogs in arteries and valves

3 . The omega 3 fatty acids also help treat skin diseases like acne, allergies and sun sensitivity. Flaxseeds acts as an excellent skin and hair supplement

4 . Flaxseed can help reduce blood sugar levels. It also helps maintain cholesterol levels, and the natural rhythm of the heart

5 . Flax seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid that protects the body against inflammation which is especially beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis, and joint pain

6 . Flaxseeds are the richest source of lignans. Lignans are known for their estrogen and anti-oxidant qualities, thereby regularizing hormonal imbalance in women

Ways to eat Flaxseeds

When consumed whole, flaxseeds passes undigested through the body, without any of its nutrients being absorbed. To get the most out of flaxseeds you should grind them.

1 . You could have ½ teaspoon of flaxseed powder with water every morning

2 . Or else, mix 2-4 tablespoons with flour to make rotis to get your daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids

3 . You could also, add 1/4th teaspoon of  flaxseed powder in the preparations of cakes, bread or naans

4 . Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons over your morning cereal, salads and desserts

5 . Splash a spoon of Flaxseed powder over a chopped banana and Nutella for a yummy snack for kids

So make this tiny seed a part of your daily health plan and reap its numerous benefits. Eat healthy to Stay healthy!

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