5 Menstrual Myths That Are Bizzare!

menstrual myths that are bizzare

Menstruation is a physiological process that marks the beginning of a woman’s reproductive life. It is primarily governed by hormonal changes and these days are marked with emotional and physical changes as well. However, people have believed in notions since ages that are not true and it’s time to change their attitude towards the same and embrace realities with a positive bent of mind.

Some common myths about periods (menstruation) are:

Myth #1 You Must Rest and Avoid Work

It is true that you should give sufficient rest to your body during your period, but this is no reason to avoid work. In some countries, women are given certain days of leave during periods. While this may be necessary only if there is a strong medical reason. Otherwise, it is best suggested to keep yourself busy during these days.

Myth #2 You Will Not Menstruate When You Are In A Pool Of Water

Now there is a scientific reason for a temporary halt in the flow of fluid. When in the pool, there is a counter pressure being exerted by the water and fluid may not flow out of your body. However, water directly does not affect the flow of blood during periods. But it is always wise to avoid any such situation and use a tampon or a menstrual cap whenever possible.

Myth #3 It Is Not Safe To Exercise During Periods

It is not true. Lately, experts suggest that the females should continue to workout during those days. The exercises though should be relatively milder in nature. Exercise helps to regulate blood flow and reduces the chances of the usual problems such as menstural cramps, period irregularity and pain due to irregular blood flow.

Myth #4 There Is A Set Age For Your First Period

There is no reason to panic if your daughter does not begin her period at some specific time that you deem ideal. It is normal for girls to get their first period anytime between 9 to 15 years of age. However, if it is further delayed beyond the usual age, it is important for you to consult a doctor at the earliest.

Myth #5 There Is No Harm In Delaying Your Periods

Using over-the-counter medications to change your start date of period may not be very safe. It is equivalent to altering or disrupting the body’s natural cycle. In the future, it may cause potential health problems and may hamper the hormone balance in your body.

So, let us view this natural physical change in females with sufficient knowledge and keep away from any myths and taboos associated with it and leave a hygienic and healthy period. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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