5 Reasons For You To Keep Processed Foods At Bay!

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Natural foods altered with the addition of additives, preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers to increase their original shelf life and make them palatable is a common practice in this fast paced life. Though we are often reminded not to consume excess of processed foods but little do we know the reasons for the same.

Here are five reasons for you to not have processed foods:

1 . High In Sugar

-Studies suggest that excess sugar consumption is linked to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and cancer.

-Surprisingly, intake of food items high in fructose syrup, added in processed foods, makes you consume more calories. It is metabolized to fats and gets stored in the cells.

2 . Make You Overeat

-Research suggests that processed foods stimulate a strong desire to overeat irrespective of the hunger.

-Addictive in nature, processed foods such as potato chips, junk food and canned food, happens to be an easy option as and when needed

3 . Contain Artificial Ingredients

-High on artificial ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and other texturants, contain butylated hydroxyanisoles and its forms that have been found to affect the neurological system.

-Several flavouring and coloring agent have been found to be triggers for the diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and hypersensitivity reactions.

4 . High In Trans Fats

-Refined carbohydrates such as bagels, waffles instantly break down to sugar and increases insulin levels. These increased levels lead to insulin resistance and chronic diseases.

-High in trans fats such as in chips, crackers, baked foods and fried foods are known to promote inflammation leading to heart diseases. 

5 . Contain Cancer Causing Ingredients

-Acrylamide, a cancer causing agent, is commonly added to several processed foods. However ,it is important to know that when added to carbohydrate rich foods and heated to a high temperature, it forms a poisonous compound.

-The compound has been commonly found in potatoes, french fries, roasted or fried foods, processed snacks and cereals.

So, go ahead and strike off the processed foods from the grocery list and add more of fresh fruits and vegetables to the same. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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