5 Indications About Your Nail Health that you should Know

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Your body has an art of letting you know when something is wrong somewhere. Your nails are no exception. Their shape, texture, color, and overall condition can give you a clue about your health.While nothing replaces a visit to your doctor for a proper diagnosis, checking your fingernails for the following abnormalities can help you spot early signs of a possible illness:

1 . If You Have Pale Nails

-If your fingernails are looking very pale, you may have anemia; a blood disorder characterized by a low red blood cell count.

-The most common cause of anemia is iron deficiency. Make sure you are consuming good sources of iron, including green leafy vegetables, beans, and red meat, to boost your levels.

-Sometimes pale nails could also be a sign of early diabetes or liver disease, both of which can lead to impaired blood flow.

2. If You Have Yellow Nails

-Yellowish discoloration of nails could be because of overuse of dark nail polish, fungus infection of nails, skin disease (psoriasis), or stains from smoking.

-If you use dark nail polish too frequently, avoid using them for 2-3 weeks.

-If the yellowing still persists or gets worse, or is accompanied by pain, it could be a fungal infection.

-Fungal infections of nails can be hard to treat and require long term treatment. Consult your doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.

Yellowing is also seen in psoriasis patients, as a side effect of certain medications.

3 . If You Have Brittle Nails

-If your nails chip off very easily and too often, it could mean a thyroid imbalance. Situated in the neck, the thyroid gland regulates metabolism, energy, and growth.

-Deficiency of thyroid hormone can lead to hair loss, brittle thin nails, lifted nails and nails that grow slowly.

-If you have any of these problems, see your doctor for thorough evaluation.

4 . If You Have White Spots On Nails

-Many people link white spots in the nails to calcium deficiency. But that is not the case. White spots on the nails are usually a result of trauma.

-Most of the times, these dots grow out and fade. If they persist or appear frequently they could indicate a fungal infection and need evaluation by a doctor.

5 . If You Have Dark Vertical Lines On Nails

-Most of the times, dark vertical bands on nails are harmless. Pigmented vertical bands are common in dark-skinned people. They can also be benign moles in the nail.

-However, a single new or changing band could sometimes indicate a type of skin cancer (malignant melanoma).

– If the bands continue to change or darken, see a dermatologist immediately.

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