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Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge

Prescription Required
Store in a refrigerator (2 - 8°C). Do not freeze.

Product introduction

Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge is a combination of two medicines used to improve blood sugar control in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. It’s a fast-acting type of insulin that helps to lower blood sugar levels after meals and reduce the chances of developing serious complications of diabetes.

Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge is normally prescribed along with a long-acting type of insulin or other diabetes medicines. Your doctor or nurse will teach you the correct way of injecting it under the skin. It should be taken 15 minutes before a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal. Don’t stop taking it unless your doctor tells you to.

It is only part of a treatment program that should also include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight reduction as advised by your doctor. Check your blood sugar levels regularly, keep track of your results and share them with your doctor. This is very important to work out the correct dose of the medicine for you.

The most common side effect of this medicine is low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). To prevent this, it's important to always inject the correct dose of medicine only, have regular meals, and monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. Drinking excessive alcohol can also lead to a fall in your blood sugar levels. Other side effects include allergy at the injection site like redness, swelling, or hard lumps (lipodystrophy). Some people may also notice itching and rash while taking it.

Do not use this medicine when you have low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Tell your doctor if you have ever had kidney, liver or heart problems before starting treatment. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also consult their doctor as the dose may need to be changed.

Uses of Humalog Mix Injection

Benefits of Humalog Mix Injection

In Diabetes

Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge contains Insulin Lispro Protamine, that has a prolonged duration of action as well as Insulin Lispro, that has a fast onset of action. Together, they ensure rapid and consistent sugar control that helps control blood sugar levels for an entire day. It is given as an injection and your doctor or nurse will train you on the correct way to inject it. Managing blood glucose levels is an essential part of managing diabetes. If you can control the level you will reduce the risk of getting any of the serious complications of diabetes such as kidney damage, eye damage, nerve problems, and loss of limbs. Taking this medicine regularly along with proper diet and exercise will help you live a normal, healthy life.

Side effects of Humalog Mix Injection

Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common side effects of Humalog Mix

  • Weight gain
  • Infusion site reaction
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose level)
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Skin rash

How to use Humalog Mix Injection

Your doctor or nurse will give you this medicine. Kindly do not self administer.

How Humalog Mix Injection works

Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge is a combination of two insulin preparations:.

Safety advice

It is unsafe to consume alcohol with Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge.
Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy. Animal studies have shown low or no adverse effects to the developing baby; however, there are limited human studies.
Breast feeding
Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge should be used with caution during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding should be held until the treatment of the mother is completed and the drug is eliminated from her body.
Your ability to drive may be affected if your blood sugar is too low or too high. Do not drive if these symptoms occur.
Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge should be used with caution in patients with kidney disease. Dose adjustment of Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge may be needed. Please consult your doctor.
Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is recommended for dose adjustment.
Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge should be used with caution in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge may be needed. Please consult your doctor.
Regular monitoring of glucose levels is recommended for dose adjustment.

What if you forget to take Humalog Mix Injection?

If you have missed a dose of Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge, your blood sugar level may become too high (hyperglycemia). Check your blood sugar and then take the next dose accordingly.

All substitutes

For informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.
No substitutes found for this medicine

Quick tips

  • Take it 15 minutes before a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.
  • Injection below the skin of the abdomen results in faster absorption as compared to other injection sites such as skin of the upper arms, thighs, or buttocks. After injection, the site of injection should not be massaged.
  • Injection sites must be rotated to prevent hard lumps from developing at one site. 
  • Change to another type or brand of insulin should be done under strict medical supervision as it may require a change in dosage.
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) may occur when taken along with other antidiabetic medicines, alcohol or on delaying/skipping a meal. Carry a sugar source with you for immediate relief.
  • Do not share your insulin device with other people, even if the needle has been changed. You may give other people a serious infection or get a serious infection from them.
  • Opened vials / cartridges stay good at room temperature for up to 4 weeks, while unopened vials must be placed in the refrigerator (2°C–8°C).

Fact Box

Habit Forming
Therapeutic Class

Patient concerns

Require prescription of Humalog Mix 25 /75 and Humalog Lispro. Mobile no is 9XXXXXX
Dr. Sfurti Mann
Internal Medicine
Insulin to be prescribed according to requirement by treating physician, Not online without personally seeing the patient.
I have taken 7ml humalog mix 25 insulin every day (morning 4ml &evening 3ml) so can you suggest me medicine instead of insulin injection?
Dr. Sanjay Bhatt
A person can control his or her sugar levels by regular exercise and walk or regular aerobic exercises at least 30 to 45 minutes per day.MEDICAL NUTRITIONAL THERAPY THAT IS TO MAINTAIN CALORIES INTAKE AS PER BMI .TAKE HELP OF DIABETIC EDUCATOR. VISIT YOU DOCTOR AND LOW ALL WHAT DOCTOR SUGGESTED.IN TIME ALL ROUTINE INVESTIGATIONS SHOULD BE souls not treat it as disease but start of a healthy life.Uncontrolled sugar levels for long time leads to lower limb weakness which is neuropathy and which is followed by foot ulcers and other prescription is not allowed without seeing contact doctor nearby for any change or dose adjustment or visit my clinic at gurgaon sector 52 RdCity snergy multi speciality clinic near SRS MARKET

User feedback


Q. How do I inject the dose of my insulin?

Wash your hands before injecting. Choose a site for injection. Clean the skin as instructed. Remove outer needle cap. Stabilize the skin by spreading it or pinching up a large area. Insert the needle as instructed. Press the knob. Pull the needle out and apply gentle pressure over the injection site for several seconds. Do not rub the area. Using the outer needle cap, unscrew the needle and dispose of it safely. Use of injection sites should be rotated so that the same site is not used more than approximately once a month.

Q. How to prepare my Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge device before taking the injection?

The insulin device should be rotated in the palms of the hands ten times and inverted 180° ten times immediately before use to resuspend the insulin until it appears uniformly cloudy or milky. If not, repeat the above procedure until contents are mixed. Do not shake vigorously as this may cause frothing which may interfere with the correct measurement of the dose. The device/cartridge should be examined frequently and not be used if clumps of material are present or if solid white particles stick to the bottom or wall of the cartridge, giving a frosted appearance.

Q. Must I prime my pen before using it?

Yes, you need to prime your pen. If you do not prime, you may get too much or too little insulin. For priming, turn the dose knob to 2 units. Hold your pen with the needle pointing up. Tap the cartridge holder gently to collect air bubbles at the top. Continue holding your pen with the needle pointing up. Push the dose knob in until it stops and "0" is seen in the dose window. Hold the dose knob in and count to 5 slowly. You should see insulin at the tip of the needle.

Q. What should I do if the dose knob of the pen is hard to push?

Pushing the dose knob of the pen more slowly will make it easier to inject. Your needle may be blocked. Put on a new needle and prime the pen.

Q. What are the potential side effects of Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge?

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is the most common side effect. This may be associated with listlessness, confusion, palpitations, headache, sweating, and vomiting. Always carry a quick source of sugar such as glucose tablets, hard candy or juice to treat low blood sugar. Use of insulin is contraindicated during the episodes of hypoglycemia. Other possible side effects include severe life-threatening allergic reactions and reactions at the injection site.

Q. What should I do if I am experiencing any side effects?

If you are experiencing any side effects, please contact your doctor.

Q. Which drugs can increase the insulin requirement of a patient?

Insulin requirements may be increased by medications with hyperglycemic activity (medicines that increase glucose levels) such as corticosteroids, isoniazid, certain lipid-lowering drugs (e.g., niacin), estrogens, oral contraceptives, phenothiazines, and thyroid replacement therapy.

Q. Which drugs can decrease the insulin requirement of a patient?

Insulin requirements may be decreased in the presence of drugs that increase insulin sensitivity or have hypoglycemic (glucose lowering) activity, such as oral antidiabetic agents, salicylates, sulfa antibiotics, certain antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitors), angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blocking agents, beta-adrenergic blockers, inhibitors of pancreatic function (e.g., octreotide), and alcohol. Beta-adrenergic blockers may mask the symptoms of hypoglycemia in some patients.

Q. Is it safe to use Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding)?

Data on a large number of exposed pregnancies do not indicate any adverse effect of insulin lispro (main constituent of Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge) on pregnancy or on the health of the fetus/newborn. Insulin requirements usually fall during the first trimester and increase during the second and third trimesters. Patients with diabetes should inform their doctor, if they are pregnant or are contemplating the pregnancy. Careful monitoring of glucose control, as well as general health, is essential in pregnant patients with diabetes. Patients with diabetes who are breastfeeding may require adjustments in insulin dose, diet or both.

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