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Composition for VALCOX

Valdecoxib(40 mg)

food interaction for VALCOX

alcohol interaction for VALCOX

pregnancy interaction for VALCOX

lactation interaction for VALCOX

It can be taken with or without food, but it is better to take Valcox 40mg injection at a fixed time.
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult your doctor.
Valcox 40mg injection may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Either animal studies have shown adverse effect on fetus and there are no human studies or studies in human and animals are not available. It should be given only if potential benefits justifies risk to the fetus. Please consult your doctor.
Unknown. Human and animal studies are not available. Please consult your doctor.


Valdecoxib(40 mg)


Valcox 40mg injection is used in adults to treat pain and inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis (pain, swelling, and reduced motion in joints) and rheumatoid arthritis (inflammatory disorder that typically affects the small joints in hands and feet). It is also used to treat menstrual pain.

How it works

Valcox 40mg injection belongs to the class of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Valcox 40mg injection works by reducing the production of chemical (prostaglandin) in the body, which is responsible for inducing pain and inflammation.

Common side effects

Belching, Cough, Diarrhoea, Ear congestion, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sore throat


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Expert advice for VALCOX

  • Before you take valdecoxib, inform your doctor if you suffer from liver and or kidney problems. 
  • Do not take valdecoxib if you have experienced asthma, hives or any allergic reaction after taking a sulfabased medication.
  • Stop taking valdecoxib and contact your doctor immediately if you develop a skin rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue or face, or other symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Caution should be exercised while using valdecoxib as an increased risk of cardiovascular events (including heart attack and stroke) have been reported with its use.
  • Overdose of valdecoxib may cause dizziness; it is advisable to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery under such circumstances.
  • Tell your doctor if you are or planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Frequently asked questions for VALCOX


Q. What is valdecoxib tablet and what are they used for? 
Valdecoxib tablets are pain killer tablets used in treating the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and for painful menstruation.
Q. Why is valdecoxib banned?
Valdecoxib was banned due to safety concerns of an increased risk of cardiovascular events and serious and potentially life-threatening skin reactions.


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