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Mintop Forte 5% Foam


Uses of Mintop Foam

Mintop Forte 5% Foam is used in the treatment of hair loss. It is most effective in treating hereditary hair loss or thinning at the top of the scalp, not in front.

Mintop Foam side effects

  • Application site irritation
  • Itching
  • Headache

How to use Mintop Foam

This medicine is for external use only. Use this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor.

How Mintop Foam works

Mintop Forte 5% Foam is a vasodilator. It works by widening the blood vessels and provides better blood flow to the hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and stimulates re-growth resulting in longer, thicker and increased numbers of hair.

Mintop Foam related warnings

No interaction found/established
Mintop Forte 5% Foam may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. The benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. Please consult your doctor.
Mintop Forte 5% Foam is safe to use during lactation. Human studies have shown that either the drug does not pass into the breastmilk in significant amount or is not expected to cause toxicity to the baby.
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established
No interaction found/established

What if you miss a dose of Mintop Foam?

If you miss a dose of Mintop Forte 5% Foam, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular schedule. Do not double the dose.

Alternate Brands

For informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medicines.
Mintop Forte 5% Foam
Hairjoy Foam
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
₹8.03/gm of Foam
save 23%
₹14.79/gm of Foam
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Expert Advice

  • It should only be applied directly to the scalp area. If Mintop Forte 5% Foam accidentally comes in contact with your eyes, nose or mouth, flush the area thoroughly with cool tap water.
  • Wash your hands before and after application.
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 4 hours after applying Mintop Forte 5% Foam or use hairdryer as it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • During the first 2 weeks of application, your hair fall may increase. This is normal and is a sign that Mintop Forte 5% Foam is working.
  • Take care that Mintop Forte 5% Foam does not trickle down onto your face as it may cause undesirable facial hair growth.
  • The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. Mintop Forte 5% Foam may not work for everyone.

Patient Concerns

Questions Related to Mintop

I'm having hair loss on foreheadI'm finding hair loss on forehead sidesWill mintop 5 work for it ??
Dr. Himanshu Gupta
Skin Specialist
First we have to ascertain cause of the hair loss, whether it is male pattern baldness or some other reason. In MPB, these medicines will work. However, if it is normal anterotemporal recession of hairline, then not much improvement is expected
i have hair thinning and hair loss problem. i have male pattern baldness like my family members. will minoxidil help me in this case? andromin 5 and mintop 5 are they same?
Dr. Atula Gupta
Skin Specialist
Tab. Keraglo eva once daily for 3 months. Hair spray Qilib women Solution 6-8 sprays once daily at night for one month. Increase protein diet& green leafy vegetables.Anaphase Shampoo / VICHY DERCOS Energising (Anti- Hair Loss) Shampoo. Blood Test- Haemoglobin, Thyroid. If Bald Patches:- Tugain 5% Solution for application 1ml at night for one month.
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User Feedback


Q. Can I apply Mintop to wet hair?

No, it is not recommended to apply Mintop on wet hair. Let your hair dry completely before applying Mintop.

Q. How frequent can I wash my hair with a shampoo while I am using Mintop?

You can wash your hair every day with a shampoo even if you are using Mintop. However, do not wash your hair within four hours of applying this medicine.

Q. Does Mintop stimulate the growth of a beard?

Mintop is not indicated to use for beard growth. It is only used on scalp for hair growth in the patients with a family history of hair loss.

Q. What type of shampoo should I use?

You should use a mild shampoo which should be able to clean your scalp, but it should not be hard on your hair.

Q. Can I use hair spray or gel while using Mintop?

Yes, you may use your regular hair spray or gel when using Mintop. However, apply Mintop first and let your hair dry before using other hair products. Try to keep a gap of 4 hours between the application of Mintop and other hair products.

Q. What if I miss a dose of Mintop?

Missing a single dose would not affect your hair growth. Take Mintop as soon you as remember it. However, do not take it if it's almost time for your next dose. Also, do not take an extra dose to make up for your missed dose.

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