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Composition for INSUMAN COMB

insulin Aspart(25%),Insulin Aspart Protamine(75%)

food interaction for INSUMAN COMB

alcohol interaction for INSUMAN COMB

pregnancy interaction for INSUMAN COMB

lactation interaction for INSUMAN COMB

It is better to take Insuman comb 25/75 3ml cartridge with food.
Taking Insulin aspart with alcohol may affect blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.
Taking insulin aspart protamine with alcohol may affect blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes.
Insuman comb 25/75 3ml cartridge is probably safe to use during pregnancy.
Either animal studies have shown no adverse effect on the fetus, but there is no human studies or animal studies have shown an adverse effect that was not confirmed in human studies. Please consult your doctor.
Insuman comb 25/75 3ml cartridge is probably safe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor.


insulin Aspart(25%)


Insulin aspart is used to treat type 1 diabetes (wherein the body because of lack of insulin production cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood) and type 2 diabetes (wherein body due to its inability to use insulin normally cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood).

How it works

Insulin aspart belongs to the class of medications called insulin. It aids the body in replacing normally produced insulin thus lowering blood glucose and helping in the treatment of diabetes.

Common side effects

Altered blood lipids, Altered heart rate, Constipation, Fat accumulation, Weight gain, Increased appetite, Injection site bruise, Injection site irritation, Muscle cramp, Skin redness, Abnormal sensation in skin
Insulin Aspart Protamine(75%)


Treatment of Diabetes mellitus in adults, adolescents and children aged 10 years and above.

How it works

Insulin aspart protamine binds to the insulin receptor (IR), a heterotetrameric protein consisting of two extracellular alpha units and two transmembrane beta units. The binding of insulin to the alpha subunit of IR stimulates the tyrosine kinase activity intrinsic to the beta subunit of the receptor. The bound receptor autophosphorylates and phosphorylates numerous intracellular substrates such as insulin receptor substrates (IRS) proteins, Cbl, APS, Shc and Gab 1. Activation of these proteins leads to the activation of downstream signaling molecules including PI3 kinase and Akt. Akt regulates the activity of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) and protein kinase C (PKC),

Common side effects

Peripheral neuropathy, Diabetic retinopathy, Fall in blood sugar level, Lipodystrophy

Common Dosage

Patients taking this medicines

  • 44%
    Three Times A Day
  • 22%
    Four Times A Day
  • 22%
    Two Times A Day
  • 11%
    One Time A Day


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Top General Physicians

  • Dr. Atul Luthra
  • Dr. Beena Bansal
    MBBS, MD, DM
  • Dr. Richa Chaturvedi
    MBBS, MD, DM
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar
    MBBS, MD, Diploma, CCT
  • Dr. J. K. Sharma
    MBBS, MD, Fellowship, Fellowship, Fellowship, Fellowship

Expert advice for INSUMAN COMB

  • Take insulin aspart immediately before a meal (within 5-10 minutes) or soon after start of the meal.
  • You will be closely monitored for blood glucose and potassium levels to avoid hypoglycaemia and hypokalaemia while receiving insulin aspart intravenously.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any heart, kidney, liver, and nerve problem and problem of the hormonal glands like adrenal, pituitary and thyroid.
  • Tell your doctor if you use 3 or more insulin injections per day, if you are fasting, are on low salt diet, have high blood sodium levels, low blood potassium levels, or you exercise.
  • Do not consume alcohol when on treatment with insulin aspart, as it may increase the risk of developing high or low blood sugar.
  • Do not drive or use any machinery after taking insulin aspart as it may cause dizziness. 
  • Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.
  • Do not take if allergic to insulin aspart or any of its ingredients.
  • Do not take in low blood sugar.

Frequently asked questions for INSUMAN COMB

insulin Aspart

Q. What is insulin apart protamine?
Insulin aspart protamine is a combination of an intermediate-acting and a fast-acting form of the hormone insulin.
Q. What is insulin apart 70/30?
Insulin apart 70/30 is a human insulin analogue containing 70% insulin aspart protamine crystal and 30% soluble insulin aspart. It is a blood sugar lowering agent with rapid onset and an intermediate duration of action. 
Q. Does novolog insulin cause weight gain?
Weight gain has been observed with insulin therapy.


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