From Flab To Fab: 5 Amazing Herbs For Weight Loss


Weight loss regimes can often leave you bored and non compliant with the stringent diet plans, limited food options and absence of flavor. Some seasoning on your low calorie dish in the form of Herbs is all you need to amuse your taste buds! And what’s best is that these herbs come with bountiful health benefits that aid in weight loss.

Top up your diet regime with these herbs and you will know the difference:

1 . Parsley

Parsley leaves look somewhat similar to coriander leaves but taste a lot different. They add more than just color and flavor as they have excellent antioxidant properties that boost your liver metabolism. Parsley has almost no calories of its own and in fact aids in digestion. It is packed with essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium.

 How to use

Finely chop them and sprinkle in soups, cold beverages, dips or even on your chicken / vegetable salad. You might even want to try Parsley in tea.

2 . Green Tea

The much talked about ‘Green tea’, undoubtedly is a great antioxidant and can speed up your metabolism which in turn helps in burning calories faster.

How to use

Replace your regular cup of tea with green tea. You can choose from different flavors of green tea that are available in the market. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners.

3 . Lemongrass

Lemongrass is known for its diuretic properties and is a natural detoxifier. It is low on calorie and is laden with Vitamin A and Vitamin C and minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. It has a citrus flavor to it and also adds a vivid color to the dish.

How to use

Lemongrass tea is a wonderful option for those who enjoy a citrus flavor in their tea. Lemongrass can also be chopped and used in soups, dips, other curries as seasoning.

4 . Rosemary

Rosemary leaves have been known for their medicinal properties since centuries. It has abundant minerals and vitamins and is also diuretic in nature. Popularly known as an anti-ageing herb, rosemary has proved to be effective for weight loss too. It promotes satiety which means it makes you feel content much earlier.

How to use

Rosemary leaves are mostly used in dried and crushed form. However, they may even be chopped and sprinkled in vegetable/ chicken salads as a seasoning.

5 . Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a superlative and an easily available herb that significantly thrusts metabolism and helps in regulating bowel movements too. It helps in keeping you full longer and thus breaks your binging habit. It also works in detoxifying your body which is ideal for weight loss.

How to use

Wash the leaves thoroughly and remove the upper skin. Grind them and strain to obtain the juice. You can refrigerate the juice and have it at your will.

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