Quad Marker With Graph

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Interpreting Results

Overview of Quad Marker With Graph

What is Quad Marker With Graph?

This test measures the levels of four important substances in the placenta namely alpha fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotrophin,  estriol and inhibin A. You should get this test done if you are between 15 to 20 weeks pregnant as it analyses the probability of the unborn baby to have certain genetic disorders like Down’s, Edward’s syndrome, neural tube defects and sometimes multiple pregnancies.

Why is Quad Marker With Graph done?

  1. If you are pregnant between 15 to 20 weeks of gestation to screen against chromosomal disorders like Down's syndrome, Edward syndrome and other neural tube defects

Preparation for Quad Marker With Graph

  • Please keep the hard copy of your latest pregnancy ultrasound report ready at the time of your test.

Sample Type for Quad Marker With Graph

The sample type collected for Quad Marker With Graph is: Blood

Interpreting Quad Marker With Graph results


    • Positive quadruple marker test usually indicates that the unborn child has high risk of neural tube defects and chromosomal disorders like Down's syndrome, Patau syndrome etc. More specific tests like amniocentesis are then advised to make a definitive diagnosis
    • High level of inhibin A usually indicates Down's syndrome whereas low levels might be associated with Edward's syndrome or trisomy 18. Sometimes, variable levels of inhibin A may also be present and they are usually associated with trisomy 13 or Patau syndrome

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