MRI Pelvis With Hip

Why Get Tested

  1. To diagnose pain/inflammation/swelling/fracture in the pelvic region
  2. To detect osteitus pubis (swelling of pubic symphysis with its attached muscles)
  3. To find out sacrum and iliac joint dysfunction
  4. To analyze pagets disease (condition in which new bone tissues replaces old bones at high rates leading to weak and fragile bone)
  5. To detect pelvic tilt (gut protrudes and hip sticks)


  • At the time of the MRI you might be asked to remove any metallic coins, jewelry, metal wrist watches, metallic keys, dentures or hearing aids as the MRI uses strong magnetic fields
  • Tell your radiologist if you have metallic implants like pacemaker, cochlear implants, aneurysm clips, neuro-stimulator, surgical staples/clips or drug implants
  • Pregnant women should inform their doctor about their pregnancy before going for MRI

Provided by 2 Labs in Dombivli