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Ganirelix(0.25 mg)

food interaction for ORGALUTRAN

alcohol interaction for ORGALUTRAN

pregnancy interaction for ORGALUTRAN

lactation interaction for ORGALUTRAN

It can be taken with or without food, but it is better to take Orgalutran 0.25mg injection at a fixed time.
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult your doctor.
Orgalutran 0.25mg injection is highly unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Human and animal studies have shown significant adverse effects on the foetus. Please consult your doctor.
Orgalutran 0.25mg injection is probably unsafe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor.


Ganirelix(0.25 mg)


Orgalutran 0.25mg injection is used in the treatment of female infertility (inability to become pregnant)

How it works

Orgalutran 0.25mg injection In females undergoing treatment for infertility sometimes premature ovulation can lead to release of eggs not ready for fertilization. Orgalutran 0.25mg injection blocks the action of a natural hormone and prevents premature release of the eggs from the ovary. In males Orgalutran 0.25mg injection works by decreasing the amount of testosterone (a male hormone) produced by the body. This may slow or stop the spread and growth of prostate cancer cells that need testosterone to grow.

Common side effects

Headache, Nausea, Abdominal pain, Injection site reaction, Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome


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Expert advice FOR ORGALUTRAN

  • Make sure you are not pregnant at the time of starting this treatment. Inform your doctor if you have chances of pregnancy.
  • Ganirelix subcutaneous injection should be taken on the abdomen around the navel or upper thigh.
  • Ganirelix may cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). Seek immediate medical attention if you notice any of the symptoms (abdominal bloating, mild pain in the abdomen, weight gain).

Frequently asked questions FOR ORGALUTRAN


Q. Is ganirelix the same as cetrotide?
Ganirelix and cetrotide are two different medicines, but both are used in women undergoing assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IFV) to reduce luteinizing hormone surge

Q. Is ganirelix the same as Lupron?
No, Lupron is a brand for a different hormonal medication called gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist. Both are used in women undergoing assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IFV)

Q. Is ganirelix the same as Gonal F?
No, Gonal Fis a brand name for a different hormonal medication with different usage

Q. Is ganirelix supposed to be refrigerated?
No, ganirelix should be stored at room temperature in the original package, to protect it from sunlight

Q. Is ganirelix injection painful?
Ganirelix injection can cause mild pain during administration at the injection site

Q. When is ganirelix started?
Ganirelix is started on day 5 or day 6 after FSH/corifollitropin alfa administration

Q. Does ganirelix stop follicle growth?
No, ganirelix does not slow or stop follicle growth

Q. Does ganirelix stop/ prevent ovulation?
No, ganirelix does not stop or prevent ovulation; it reduces luteinizing hormone surge in women suffering from premature ovulation or undergoing a controlled ovarian stimulation for assisted reproduction technique (like IVF) in infertility

Q. Does ganirelix make you tired?
Yes, ganirelix can make you feel tired or cause general weakness.


Content on this page was last updated on 12 January, 2017, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)