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(45 GM toothpaste in packet)
Product Details
Pigeon Toothpaste is prepared by using different ingredients such as calcium phosphate and glycerine. They are harmless even when swallowed by the child. So, mothers can relax about the fact that their child is safe.

The contents of the toothpaste ensure less foam while brushing the teeth. Babies might find it uncomfortable if the toothpaste produce sufficient foam. They may possibly vomit. This becomes risky for the kids. Therefore, it is essential for the child to use toothpaste that produces less foam. Pigeon Toothpaste is the best option. This toothpaste comes in Strawberry flavour. Children love this flavour and at the same time they will enjoy brushing with this particular toothpaste. Kids find it fun.

The ingredients present in the toothpaste allow proper cleaning of the teeth. It s a lovely product to keep dental problems away. Pigeon Toothpaste protects baby s teeth from getting decayed. Another interesting fact is that the toothpaste helps to develop taste buds of young babies. It also cleans the teeth and gums, removing all the food particles stuck in middle of the teeth. Regular using of the toothpaste ensures healthy teeth and gum. It also prevents bad odour.

Brush twice a day for best results.


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