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Benprost Capsule

Information about Benprost Capsule

Benprost Capsule is an Ayurvedic formulation. It is natural way to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. It contains power of 8 wonder herbs. It facilitates normal urine flow. It offers complete relief from burning sensation. It offer strong antibacterial action.

Benprost capsule contains Mimosa Pudica, Tribulus terrestris, Orchis Mascula, Asphalatum, Stannic Sulphidum, Argyela specious, Commiphora Mukul and Piper Nigrum.

Role of key ingredients:
Mimosa Pudica : It reduces edema.
Tribulus terrestris: Improve testosterone levels, to support the normal function of the male reproductive system.
Orchis Mascula: It increases productions of semen; it gives strength to the body.
Asphalatum: It helps maintain the balanced flow of testosterone & help maintain the urine flow.
Stannic Sulphidum: Swarna Vang well known for curing semen & urine related complications
Argyela specious: It reducing the size of the prostate gland.
Commiphora Mukul:It is Antioxidant activity.

Benprost Capsule is useful in Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Nocturia, and Prostatitis

Direction for use: The dosage of Benprost is 1-2 capsules twice or thrice daily.

Use under medical supervision

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