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Absolute Basophil Count (ABC)

Interpreting Results

Overview of ABC

What is ABC?

Basophills are a type of white blood cells that are responsible for the secretion of histamines, serotonin and heparin in the blood to fight against allergies, parasitic infections or neoplastic disorders. Absolute basophil count in blood is basically performed to evaluate hypothyroidism and allergy. Basophills are neutral to viral and bacterial infections.

Why is ABC done?

An Absolute Basophil Count is needed when an individual is affected by an allergy or hypothyroidism. In such cases the basophils fight against the allergens and also when the thyroid levels go really high like in the case of hypothyroidism or too low as in hyperthyroidism.

Preparation for ABC

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for ABC

The sample type collected for Absolute Basophil Count is: Blood

Interpreting ABC results


The normal test result for Absolute Basophil Count ranges from 0 to 300 cells per microliter of blood for men and women of any age.

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