Interpreting Results

Overview of C-Peptide

What is C-Peptide?

C peptide is a protein excreted by the kidneys and is a by product of insulin production.

Why is C-Peptide done?

  1. To assess insulin production by the body from pancreas
  2. If you have insulin resistance i.e. type 2 diabetes and the doctor wants to see if you need insulin supplement externally
  3. It may be ordered along with blood glucose levels to identify the cause of hypoglycaemia if you have symptoms like fainting, shivering, confusion, sweating, palpitations etc.
  4. To diagnose tumors of the pancreas – insulinoma
  5. To assess amount of insulin production if you are a type 1 diabetic


Preparation for C-Peptide

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for C-Peptide

The sample type collected for C-Peptide is: Blood

Interpreting C-Peptide results


  • High level of C peptide usually means there is high insulin production in the body as compared to the glucose intake which is interpreted as insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.
  • Low levels mean low insulin production in case of type 1 diabetes and excessive external insulin injections.

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