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Noscapine is used in the treatment of dry cough.

How it works

Noscapine belongs to class of drugs called opioid alkaloids. It acts in the brain and suppress the cough reflex.

Common side effects

Coordination disorder, Drowsiness, Headache, Nausea, Tachycardia


Expert advice

• Inform your doctor if you have kidney, heart or lung disease, diabetes, enlarged prostate, increased pressure inside the eyes (glaucoma), asthma, or thyroid problems.
• Patients allergic to noscapine or any of its ingredients should not take it.
• Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take noscapine.

Frequently asked questions


Q.Is noscapine sold over the counter?
Yes noscapine is OTC

Q.Is noscapine obtained from poppy plants?
Cultivated opium poppy plants are only commercial source of noscapine.

Content on this page was last updated on 30 September, 2016, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)