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Product Details
Velocit pregnancy test kit is the ideal one-step pregnancy diagnosis kit. It works by detecting the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in a urine sample.Velocit pack contains:
One Test device ( card for one time use only)
One dropper
One dessicant (moisture absorbing pouch) not required for the test
A user information leaflet.
Key Features of Velocit Pregnancy test kit:
Easy to use: The kit is extremely easy to use with detailed instructions and steps for you to take. 
Accurate and fast results: The results are available 5 minutes after testing and are usually very accurate.  
Directions of Use:
Use the dropper to collect a urine sample. 
Add 3 drops of urine to the groove marked 'S'.
Let the test rest for 5 minutes before checking the results.  
use under medical supervision


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