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Skinshine Soap
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Information about Skinshine Soap

Skin Shine Soap is a deep skin cleanser that prevents formation of pimples and prevents acne. The active ingredients of the soap are sodium palmitate, lemon fruit extract, tinogard soothing talc, aqua, orange peel extract, tea tree oil and allantoin extract.

The soap is featured with an intense whitening formula and provides a rich and youthful complexion. The soap is enriched with a special formula that prevents the relapse of the pimples. It helps to get rid of the dead cells from the skin and thereby makes one look younger and healthy. The soap is characterised with astringent properties and prevents any propagation of infections. The soap clears the skin off the whiteheads and blackheads providing oneself a clearer complexion. It also helps in removing the excessive oil from the face and body.

Use under medical supervision
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