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Silky Rose Hair Oil

Silky Rose Hair Oil

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Information about Silky Rose Hair Oil

Silkyrose Hair Oil is a blend of Gingelly seed oil (Black Til oil) with six other very essential herbal oils. They together form to give a 100% herbal preparation which is highly effective in hair loss and dandruff along with several other time-tested uses.
Benefits of Silkyrose Hair Oil:
Silkyrose Hair Oil Almond oil has six essential herbal oils gives so many benefits like 
Almond oil with all the goodness of Vitamin-E which is very necessary for hair growth and nourishment. for nourishment.
Rose oil, Sandalwood oil, and Khus oil give a cooling effect on the scalp and thus is a natural way to relief from a headache due to heat.
Heena oil produces a protective coating on the hair which prevents hair from oxidation.
Olive oil and Til oil are the best known natural nutrients to the hair.
A combination of all these in the right proportion is Silkyrose Hair oil which on application give a natural glow and colour to hair, makes hair long, silky and smooth. It solves the dandruff problem giving a cooling effect on the scalp.
Directions of use:
Apply about 5 ml 2 times daily with thorough massage for best results. Quantity of oil may change with respect to hair length and severity of problem

Use under medical supervision.

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