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Ostolife  Tablet

Ostolife Tablet

30 tablets

Information about Ostolife Tablet

Ostolife Tablet is a potent combination of antiarthritic herbs, which not only relieves symptoms but is also postulated to delay the progression of osteoarthritis.

Boswellia serrata and Withania somnifera reduce the degradation of glycosaminoglycan and delays the progression of Osteoarthritis.
Oroxylum indicum and Vitex negundo exhibit anti-inflammatory action.
Sida cordifolia and Strychnos nux vomica are potent anti-inflammatory and analgesics.
Tribulus terrestris is a powerful antioxidant and thus exhibit anti-inflammatory action. It contains Suvarna Paan,Shallaki Guggul Ext, Nirgundi, Shyonak, Guduchi, Bala mool, Gokhshur, Ashwagandha and Kupilu Shuddha.

Benefits of Ostolife Tablet:
Safe on long term use.
Relieves restricting symptoms
Retards degenerative process
Improves functional status
Relieves joint pain muscle stiffness
Delays progression of the disease
Free from any side effects Osteoarthritis

Direction for use:
Two tablets twice a day to be taken half an hour after food.
Once the patient has been stabilized, he/she can be maintained on one tablet twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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