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Optiliv Capsule

Information about Optiliv Capsule

Optiliv Capsule is a unique hepatogenic, hepato-protective and hepatic stimulant for safe and effective treatment of diffuse diseases of liver and liver dysfunction. It also has unique antioxidant, choleretic, digestive and appetite stimulant properties. Anti-inflammatory, hepatitis virus neutraliser, enzymatic and pro-haematinic actions further enhance its usefulness in liver disorders.

Optiliv is useful to maintain appetite and digestion and to protect the liver with unavoidable use of hepatotoxic drugs, as a liver protective in chronic or occasional alcohol drinkers. During convalescence after any disease, debility, general weakness and anaemia particularly refractory anaemia Optiliv is very beneficial.
It is effective in infective or chronic active hepatitis, diffuse diseases of the liver such as enlarged or fatty liver, early adult or childhood cirrhosis and dyspepsia, anorexia, functional dysphagia with appetite loss, apthous ulcers and loss of appetite induced by chemical and as adjuvant in treatment of malnutrition and as a daily health supplement.

Directions of use:
Adults : 1 capsule twice daily.
Children : 1 capsule once daily.

Use under medical supervision.
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