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MyLife Penfine Classic 32G 4MM

MyLife Penfine Classic 32G 4MM

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Information about MyLife Penfine Classic 32G 4MM

MyLife Penfine Classic needle is designed to inject insulin without much effort or delay. It is available in 4mm size. MyLife Penfine Classic works effectively with leading injection pens available. You can use one of these pen needles to assist you in the injection process, thus making diabetes easier to manage. The Penfile needles has thin walls to facilitate easier penetration and faster action. To ensure that the penfine needles is effective in every sense possible, it is designed to acquire smaller injection space. The silicone surface treatment also keeps your skin comfortable as this is being utilised. To ensure it doesn t get contaminated before use, store it in a cool, dry place.

Use under medical supervision
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