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Lunarex Forte Capsule
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Information about Lunarex Forte Capsule

Lunarex forte is a phytoherbal preparation for inducing and regularizing menstruation. Lunarex forte contains Kumari, Ulat Kamba, Moolaka beej , Manjishtha, Jatamansi and Kasis Shuddha.
Kumari is a menstrual regulator; Ulat Kamba and Moolaka beej initiates and regulates menstrual flow; Manjishtha is an antioxidant and anti-stress agent; Jatamansi relieves stress and anxiety and Kasis Shuddha is a Haematinic.
Lunarex forte regulates and restores normal menstrual flow, improves blood supply to pelvic organs, improves ovarian function.
Lunarex forte is indicated for absence of menstruation, irregular menstruation, delayed onset of menstruation at puberty.
Directions of use: 
Take one to two teaspoonfuls twice a day or as directed by the physician. 
Use under medical supervision
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