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Kairali Lipidex Capsule

Kairali Lipidex Capsule

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Information about Kairali Lipidex Capsule

Kairali Lipidex capsule contains Amrita, Trivrit, Avalgujabeeja, Maricha, Brahmi, Pippali, Chitraka, Sringavara, Guggulu, Vidanga, Khadira, Virsha, Sthalamooli, Lakhuvalkala, and Shilajit (Purified). It removes excess fat from your body and converts extra carbohydrates to glycogen. Since Lipidex is prepared from ayurvedic herbs, it is the ideal product for effective weight loss through natural means.

Key benefits of Kairali Lipidex capsule:
It offers a natural, side-effect free solution to weight loss by boosting thyroid gland metabolism to increase the burning of calories.
It cleanses the toxins from the blood, tissues, lungs, and lymphatics while strengthening the internal immune system.
It helps to dissolve the extra fat from your body and does not allow this fat to be deposited in the future.
It controls the appetite and helps in regulating the excessive eating which may lead to obesity.

The direction of use:
Take two capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Use under medical supervision.
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