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Jiva Memorica tablet is a nerve tonic beneficial for treating weak memory, anxiety, mental debility and stress. Good for students and people involved with high levels of mental work.

Jiva Memorica Tablet has Brahmi, Shankapushpi, Dhania, Tagar.
Directions of use:
Jiva Memorica Tablet to be swallowed with water, milk or juice or as directed by the Physician.
Jiva Memorica Tablet is recommended for lack of memory and concentration.

The Brahmi acts as a powerful nerve and brain tonic. It is the main revitalizing herb for the nerves and the brain cells. It has a reputation for increasing intelligence, longevity, and circulation in the brain, improving both short-term and long-term memory and decreasing senility. 
Shankapushpi is very beneficial for the nervous system, enhancing the quality of bone marrow and nerve tissue. Tagar is Kapha and Vata palliative and strengthens the immune system. Dhania imparts strength to the brain and is good for memory loss and syncope.
Contraindications: None.

Use under medical supervision.


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