Hepjaun Capsule
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Information about Hepjaun Capsule

Hepjaun Capsules is liver supplement, it strengthens liver, overcomes all types of Hepatitis Jaundice.

Kasvinda, Pathri : Have anti-toxic and germicidal
Daruhalad Nishottar : They reduce inflammation
Kalmegh, Kutki : Reduces burning sensation, thirst fever
Neem, Kharvat : Mobilise fat-Improve appetite
Chitrak : Digestion

Benefits of Hepjaun Capsules:
Corrects and prevents liver damage.
Stimulates hepatocellular regeneration repair.
Promotes normal hepatic functions.
Stimulates natural resistance against micro-organisms and their toxins.
Normalises appetite, digestion assimilation of food.
Promotes good health.

Hepjaun Capsules recommended in infective hepatitis, hepato-toxic states, jaundice, loss of appetite and impaired digestion due to liver sluggishness.

Use under medical supervision.
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