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Eraser Cream

Eraser Cream

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25 gm Cream

Information about Eraser Cream

Eraser Cream is an Ayurvedic formula that contains the goodness of natural ingredients such as Wheat germ oil, Neem, and Haldi.

Wheat germ oil is a Vitamin E source that improves cell restoration process.
Neem is also added as a skin cleanser while haldi helps to promote glowing and refreshed skin.
The cream is used for clearing out acne and skin marks by improving cell formation process. It also improves how bacteria are cleared out of the skin. The cream moves Vitamin E into the skin tissue to reduce skin marks.

This may be used daily on the impacted part of the skin to clear out acne and other related marks.

Directions for use:
1. Clean your face with a cleaner or a face wash
2. Pat dry your face with a clean towel
3. Apply Eraser Cream with fingertips
4. Massage the cream in an anti-clock direction

Use under medical supervision.
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