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Aptikid Syrup

Aptikid Syrup


Information about Aptikid Syrup

Aptikid Syrup contains Katuki, Saunf, Jeera, Yavani, Pippali, and Shunthi. 
Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa) is use to treat people with indigestion , and constipation due to insufficient digestive secretion. 
Saunf (Fennel) has the ability to preclude abdominal diseases and prevent gas formation.
Jeera (Cumin)  helps in improving the saliva secretion, enhancing appetite and relieving the digestive disorders.
Aptikid syrup helps in improving  appetite, stimulates digestion. Aptikid Syrup is also recommended for conditions like anorexia, nutritional deficiencies, general debility, fatigue, stress, convalescence following chronic illness & as a general purpose tonic. 
Direction for use: 
1-2 tablespoon before meals, twice daily.
Use under medical supervision
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