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Akmasq Cream

Akmasq Cream


Information about Akmasq Cream

Akmasq is an efficient anti-acne mask for pimple reduction. It absorbs excess oil and gently cleanses without irritating the skin. It is enriched with natural ingredients such as Tea tree oil,Chandan(Sandal),Turmeric,Pro-Vit. B5,Cucumber.
Role of key ingredients: 

Tea tree oil provides antibacterial action.
Chandan and turmeric remove acne marks and improve complexion. 
Cucumber cools and soothes skin. 
Vitamin E combats acne and moisturizes skin adequately.
Pro-Vitamin B5 reduces excess oil production, thus reducing pimples and acne scars.
Akmasq will give fresh, oil free skin, throughout the day and will improve complexion remarkably.
Directions for use:

Clean and apply Akmasq evenly all over face and neck avoiding the area around eyes and mouth. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off Akmasq with water and pat dry. For best results apply once a day,regularly.
Use under medical supervision.
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