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Bcr-Abl Gene Translocation (Qualitative)

(BCR - ABL Qual.)
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What is BCR - ABL Qual.?

The Bcr-Abl gene is a fusion of two genes forming a Philadelphia Chromosome which is seen in a leukemia called chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). So, the Philadelphia Chromosome is involved in encoding an abnormal protein that produces CML and acute lymphoblastic lymphoma (ALL). A PCR-Qualitative test is used to detect the presence of Bcr-Abl gene in the cancer cells.

Why is BCR - ABL Qual. done?

This test is useful in diagnosing the presence of CML and ALL in an individual and also to monitor their treatment. The test must be ordered when signs and symptoms of leukemia such as anemia, weakness, palpitations, easy bruising and excessive bleeding due to loss of platelets, bone and joint pain, confusion and seizure, night sweats etc. are observed in the patient.

Interpreting BCR - ABL Qual. results


If the Bcr-Abl sequence is present in the result of Qualitative PCR test, it means that the person is diagnosed with positive CML and ALL.

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