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Anti ds-DNA Antibody

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What is Anti ds-DNA Antibody?

This test is ordered when you have a positive Anti nuclear antibody (ANA) test and signs and symptoms associated with lupus, such as persistent fatigue and weakness, arthritis-like pain in one or more joints, a red rash resembling a butterfly across the nose and cheeks, and/or skin sensitivity to light are present. Periodically, it is also tested when you have been diagnosed with lupus.

Why is Anti ds-DNA Antibody done?

  1. If you have signs or symptoms which might suggest systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) along with a positive ANA test. Various signs and symptoms of lupus are: low grade fever, bone or joint pains, muscle pains, skin rashes, sensitivity to light, hair and weight loss 
  2. It may also be ordered to monitor the progress of the disease or flare ups in a person who has already been diagnosed with lupus

Interpreting Anti ds-DNA Antibody results


  • A high level of anti ds DNA antibody is strongly associated with lupus and is significantly increased during or just prior to a flare up. Therefore, when the ds DNA antibody test is positive and the person tested has other signs and symptoms associated with lupus, it means that the person likely has lupus 
  • Low to moderate levels of antibody may be seen with other autoimmune diseases like Sjogren syndrome 
  • A very low level of anti ds DNA is considered negative but does not exclude a diagnosis of lupus. Only 50-70% patients of lupus will have anti ds DNA

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