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What is Urethrogram(RGU)?

Retrograde urethrography (RGU) - Contrast is retrogradely injected with the urethral orifice occluded to prevent reflux of contrast. • Antegrade (VCUG) - Bladder is filled with contrast via suprapubic or retrograde catheterization and the urethra is assessed during voiding. • For both, static images can be obtained, but preferably assessed dynamically under fluoroscopy. • The male urethra is best seen in the oblique position.. Female urethra is best seen in lateral or anteroposterior position. • Voiding cystourethrogram is mostly used to visualize and evaluate :- prostatic urethra and changes in the bladder neck. • Retrograde urethrogram is mostly used to evaluate :- membranous and anterior urethra , inflammatory lesions and diverticula. • Some patients are assessed with both techniques, usually the RGU is performed first, followed by the VCUG. Retrograde/Ascending Urethrography (RGU) INDICATIONS:- • Stricture • Urethral Trauma • Fistulae or false passages.Congenital abnormalities, Periurethral/prostatic abscess.Contraindications :- • Acute UTI , Recent instrumentation

Preparation for Urethrogram(RGU)

  • No special preparation required

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