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Thyroid Profile Free

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Overview of Thyroid Profile Free

Test Description

This is a panel of tests which are done to diagnose a thyroid disorder. It includes the measurement of your free T3, free T4 and TSH. You should get this test done if you have symptoms of decreased thyroid activity like weight gain, constipation or cold intolerance or symptoms of increased thyroid activity like weight loss, anxiety, palpitations. You should definitely get this test done during infertility work up or during pregnancy.

Why Get Tested

  1. If you have symptoms of low levels of thyroid hormone like weight gain, constipation, cold intolerance, fatigue
  2. If you have symptoms of high levels of thyroid hormone like weight loss, anxiety, palpitations, difficolty in sleeping 
  3. To monitor treatment if you are already diagnosed with thyroid disease
  4. Infertility work up 
  5. Newborn screening - Since hypothyroidism has become such a common entity in females these days, that is why many institutes now recommend a mandatory neonatal screening


  • No special preparation required

What Results of Thyroid Profile Free mean?


  • Low T4 and T3 along with high TSH level indicates hypothyroidism. The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto thyroiditis 
  • High T4 and T3 along with low TSH indicates hyperthyroidism. The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is Grave’s disease
  • Normal thyroxine T4 and T3 along with high TSH usually indicates mild or sub clinical hypothyroidism 
  • Normal T3 and T4 along with low TSH indicates mild or sub clinical hyperthyroidism

Patient Concerns about Thyroid Profile Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any other factors or conditions which can affect my TSH levels?
TSH levels can be affected by: A.Pregnancy B.Liver disease C.Estrogen D.Drugs like aspirin, steroids E.Extreme stress F.Acute infections
Q. Is there anything which I can do to raise or lower my TSH?
TSH does not respond to lifestyle changes. The important thing is that the pituitary and the thyroid gland are healthy and working together to produce appropriate amounts of thyroid hormone.
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Tests Included in Thyroid Profile Free(3 tests)

  • TriIodothyronine Free
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Thyroxine - Free

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