Description of Bloating

Definition of Bloating
Bloating is a feeling that the abdomen is full. The abdomen may or may not be enlarged. Bloating generally occurs when the stomach and intestines are filled with excessive air or gas.
Causes and Risk Factors of Bloating
Common causes include:
1. Eating or drinking too fast
2. Smoking
3. Having oily or spicy food
4. Overeating
5. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
6. Crohn’s disease
7. Peptic ulcer
8. Heartburn
9. Indigestion
10. Constipation
Signs and Symptoms of Bloating
Common symptoms include: 
1. Fullness
2. Tightness
3. Swelling in the abdomen
4. The abdomen may also feel distended, hard and painful.
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